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June 2017

Printable and editable Best Performance Award Certificate Templates

35+ Best Performance Certificate Templates

Achievements and accomplishments are things that should be recognized by others especially in the employment sector by employers. It should serve as no surprise that studies have shown, when companies have appreciated employees via methods such as award certificates, motivation and work productivity has increased. This is a testimony to the fact that when human beings work hard, they value their efforts being regarded by others. A wonderful way to do this is by giving award certificates for their [...]

Signup Sheet Templates

Signup Sheet Templates – 40 Sheets | 15 Types

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the typical signup sheet. These are the sheets you use to signup for lab time, lectures, seminars and all around general events. These sheets are very important when it comes to organizations keeping track of attendance, making follow up calls, as well as planning successful future events. The signup sheet will usually collect names, contact information, and may have a space for signatures or to record your ID, for security purposes. Signup [...]

May 2017

Free Family Tree and Chart Templates

Family Tree and Chart Templates

When individuals wish to map out their lineage, they will create a family tree. The image of the tree represents not only life and growth, but also the branching out of your lineage. A strong family unit has solid roots and diverse branches. Family tree charts are very personal, and people often develop their own themes. For example, you have the traditional family tree chart, a graphical family tree chart, along with the medieval chart and heraldic chart. The [...]

Genogram Templates

21+ Genogram Templates – Create Family Charts

If you have ever had the desire to map out your family history, you’ll find that there are many options open to you. You may go the expensive route, and hire a genealogist, or perhaps use an online service which uses a giant database to track down your family history. Some individuals choose complex online programs to assist in mapping their history, such as Freemind. However, the majority of individuals use genograms. Genograms are designed to take the complexity out [...]

Free Birthday Party Itinerary Templates

Birthday Party Itinerary Templates

When you’re in charge of setting up a birthday party, you’re going to no doubt run into a lot of issues. Planning everything, then making sure that it goes forward without a hitch will no doubt prove vexing. That is, if you don’t work with a good itinerary. Setting up a birthday itinerary is not as simple as it sounds. That’s why you should consider utilizing birthday party itinerary templates. There are several advantages to working with an existing [...]

Meeting Itinerary Templates free download

Meeting Itinerary Templates

A meeting itinerary is a listing prepared whenever you are about to organize any conference or meeting. It highlights the order in which activities will complement each other. It’s like a schedule indicating what is supposed to be happening at a certain specific duration of the meeting. It includes the time, date, venue, and purpose of the conference. All those details must be included to ensure that those who will be in attendance have explicit knowledge about the meeting thus [...]

Event Itinerary Templates

Event planning is not as simple as it may appear. There are a lot of people that get into the preliminary stages of planning a party, wedding, or just about any event and realize that it takes a lot of work. There’s a reason why event planners charge a great deal of money for this type of work. If you’re on a budget, and you want to take on this type of project, your best bet is to have [...]

Students Weekly Itinerary and Schedule Templates

What is the most valuable item on earth? Take just a moment to consider it. You might think about the price of certain items such as oil, gold, or a wealth of other items, but you would be wrong. The most valuable item on earth is time itself and how you manage that time can make a huge difference. Time management is an art that even the most talented and hardworking people struggle with, but there are many tools [...]