Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are required to be accepted by consortiums, companies, persons, and other entities utilizing the WordLayouts’s website.

Prior to purchasing any template or product from WordLayouts, it is requested that this agreement be read, as the use of this online site indicates that user agrees and accepts every term and condition stated in it.

This is a legally binding agreement. Any individual who does not want to be legally bound to these conditions and terms should stop using WordLayouts.

Ownership & Usage Rights

All content featured and displayed on this website, including but not limited to text, graphics, photographs, moving images, sound, software, and illustrations is owned by WordLayouts. The name WordLayouts and the WordLayouts’s templates logo are registered trademarks of the WordLayouts.

Without obtaining prior permission from WordLayouts, it is hereby understood that every applicable trademark law, copyright, and the legal protection of moral and intellectual rights avoids any content or element from being copied, transmitted, or utilized in any form.

Any company or individual breaking or violating the conditions and terms set for this agreement will be solely responsible for the financial settlement of any costs, losses, expenses, or damages that incur as a result of committing such violation.

Disclaimers of Liability

Any damage believed to result from utilizing this online site, WordLayouts will not be held liable for any damage. This website and the content presented on it are presented “as is.” As far as the law states, liability excludes any perceived or real warranties of satisfactory service, of being of merchantable quality, and of being suitable for every purpose.

The availability, content, and function of this online site are not under warranty to be free from error. The users of the services being offered by WordLayouts are fully responsible for the full cost of any necessary repair costs, servicing, or correction needed by use of this website.

WordLayouts’s representatives, employees, content provers, and licensors are not liable for financial losses that may arise as a result from utilizing this website. This is regardless of WordLayouts being informed or not of any possible issues that may arise regarding performance and use of this website, or any inability utilize the online site. The only exception is when it is specified in this agreement or required by law.

It is understood and agreed by both WordLayouts and its users that some of the statements above that cover limitation and liability may not be applicable in every jurisdiction, where the law doesn’t allow certain limits and liability and a specific category of damage is covered by legislation.

WordLayouts will seek to ensure that all content is reliable and accurate, but WordLayouts does not make a guarantee that all the content present on this online site is 100% reliability accurate.

Some of the links that are present on this website may lead to other sites, which are not controlled in any way by WordLayouts. WordLayouts is not responsible for content present on those websites and is not liable for any financial loss or damages that arise from the use of any online site reached by a link presented on the WordLayouts website.

Even though this website can be accessed by people from around the globe, some products and services offered on this website may not be available in your country.

Website Use

Upon registering on this website, it is the responsibility of the user or company to reassure that their account number, username, and password remain confidential and private, as they will be held responsible for any activity, without limitation, that takes place under their accounts’ username and accounts’ number, whether or not these actions are performed by someone who is authorized to do so or not.

By accepting these conditions and terms, the customer agrees to notify the WordLayouts of any security problems taking place, including unauthorized use of account.

Any financial losses sustained by the user and any person given permission to or by anybody utilizing the user’s account without prior consent, knowledge, or approval, WordLayouts will not be held liable. For settlement of any financial loss resulting by an unauthorized access to account, the user may even have to face claims that are brought against his or her persona.

User agrees not to utilize the account of other user of this website, unless user has attained permission from that user.

Disputes & Legal Action

When believed necessary, WordLayouts has the right to proceed to bring about a prosecution, and it can begin legal proceedings in any court of law where legislation of appropriate nature applies.

The terms of this agreement are severable. For this reason, if any clause in this agreement is not legally enforceable, this doesn’t affect other clauses stated in the same agreement. When considered necessary, any legal clause stated in these conditions and terms can and will be legally enforced.

Return Polices

By accepting these terms and conditions, you also abide by WordLayouts’s return policies. These polices are applicable to every individual who conducts a purchase from WordLayouts or pays WordLayouts for any service. By clicking on the following link, you can read these policies https://www.wordlayouts.com/refund-policies/.

Liabilities of Customer

Software requirements. It is the liability of customer to read and meet software requirements that are mentioned on the product page. If user does not have the required software, WordLayouts cannot not be held responsible.

It is the liability of WordLayouts to provide a digital copy of template that is compatible only with Microsoft® Word.

Guest purchase. If customer opts to make purchase as a guest user, it is the liability of the customer to download purchased template within 24 hours after purchase, as system instantly expires download links after 24 hours for security reasons.

WordLayouts gives options at checkout. An account can be created by any guest customer. If account is created before purchase, this enables customer to be able to re-download purchase items at any time by accessing account.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

At any time, WordLayouts has the right to change prices, contractual terms, and other information, as well as making changes to this agreement.

Any changes made on this agreement will be announced on the official website of WordLayouts. If user continues to utilize the services or anything accessible on the website, this means user has accepted the changes.