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Before you submit a request

Before submitting the request we will recommend you to read the "New Template Request Submission Guidelines" carefully and follow the appropriate instructions. By doing so you will end up with successful results!

Guidelines to submit a request successfully

  1. Fill each and every field with maximum description close to your requesting design.
  2. Do search on internet for images and provide at least one image as an example so that we may develop a design to fulfil your requirement.
  3. Write a brief and clear description of what this design is about and where you are planning to use it. Mention which kind of design elements you would like to display on it. For example, if you need a design for a pet store then you may like to show the snaps of some specific animals on it. You may want us to design a template similar to another design. In this case we would need an example of your required image to understand your request.


The designing service is free. We will design the template free of cost and will publish it on our product catalog. There you can purchase this design as a normal product without any extra cost!

Currently there is no ETA due to high volume of requests. But one of our design ninja will contact you as soon as he start processing your request.


  1. We do not process requests which include any logo, organization name or any specified brand.
  2. We will design the template as an open design with standard abilities of customization which means you can put your personal details on it later.
  3. We will not provide any design revision on request. The design, developed following your instructions will be considered as final version.
  4. Any request with insufficient information will be discarded automatically without any notice.
  5. By submitting a request, you are giving all rights to to design your requested template and publish it on product libraries for sale.
  6. The template, designed by processing your request would be the property of and will reserve all of its copyrights.
  7. We are not liable to process each and every request for designs. We have all rights to discard or process any request without any notice. We generally discard requests which are not related to us, not suitable to design or out of our scope.
  8. We do not provide the customization of design you have purchased from our library. If you need assistance in customization of such design, then please visit our Hire Me service.

By submitting the request, you are agreeing with these terms. If you are not agreed with any term, then please do not submit the request. have all rights to modify these terms at any time without any prior information or notice. It is user’s liability to read these terms time to time to keep update.

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