Refund Policies

Refund Policies

WordLayouts is a platform to provide templates for Microsoft® Word. However, some templates are categorized as premium templates and some are categorized as free template. You will pay for premium templates as pay per template basis. On the other hand, free templates are available to download free of cost. This refund policy only applies to premium templates; the templates you received after a successful payment. By purchasing any template at WordLayouts, you are accepting these refund policies. And any refund request from the customer will only be processed under these refund policies.

24-hours warranty: WordLayouts will give 24-hours warranty of Premium templates. The time of warranty will start from the time of purchase. If you think that your request is valid by these refund policies, then you can submit a refund request within 24-hours of purchase. After 24-hours WordLayouts will not issue any refund and the purchased product will be considered as functional and operational without any defect.

Template Download Issue: After purchasing a premium template, user is liable to download the template(s) within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, the download links will expire and user may not be able to download the template(s) from invoice or given download links.

On the other hand, user can re-download the purchased template(s) by using 3 different methods. Please refer to the re-download guide to learn more about how to re-download your purchased template.

As there are multiple ways to re-download your purchased template(s) and it is completely user responsibility to download the template within 24-hours of purchase, WordLayouts will not issue any refund(s) for download issues.

Fonts Issue: We may use different fonts while designing a template. But we will not provide any font file along with template files. It is because each font is individually copyright of font author and they have their own license and usage policies. You will receive a text file “Fonts” along with other template files. This file will contain the list of fonts we used in the template. You can download these fonts from font provider websites. WordLayouts is not liable to provide fonts along with template files and will not issue any refund if you are facing any font issues.

Software Compatibility or Availability Issues: Our software requirements are mentioned in the description of every template at product page. It is your responsibility to have required software before purchasing any template. In this case WordLayouts will not issue any refund.

On the other hand, WordLayouts will also not issue a refund if you have all the required software but not in working orders. It includes the errors, virus or licensing and registration issues of your software.

Receiving a Different Product: If in case you received a different template than shown in its preview, then you can send us a product exchange request or a refund request. Please fill the

and one of our staff member will investigate the case and process the exchange or refund.

*Submitted requests may take 24-48 hours to process.