Copyright Infringement Notification

Notification of Copyright Infringement and abuse

WordLayouts is committed to preventing copyright infringement and/or other issues that may arise from the content posted within. To this end, we abide by established rules and regulations to address any complaints regarding the provenance of a document or content posted on our site.

In order to communicate your concern to our staff, please follow the guidelines below so we are able to address the matter in a timely and appropriate fashion.

Please communicate your perception of copyright infringement or abuse by sending a review request to us that includes the following –

  • Your name, address and contact information including phone number and email.
  • Specific content and location of the document perceived to be violating copyright
  • The specific location of the original content that is being violated
  • A signed statement establishing your belief that this information is true and accurate and that you believe in good faith that copyright laws are being infringed.
  • If you believe this is a repeat offense on the part of the party posting the content, please include references to other instances or locations where the issue has occurred.

WordLayouts will review each report individually and will take reasonable and appropriate action, which may include the disabling and removal of the offending content. We may not be able to reply directly to the person who issued the complaint, but will make every effort to safeguard the integrity of our site.

Third parties posting material on WordLayouts are responsible for verifying that their content is not guilty of copyright infringement. We encourage contributors to seek legal advice should copyright issues be unclear.

WordLayouts has a zero-tolerance policy for offending or inappropriate content and will make a reasonable effort in preventing it throughout its materials. To report any inappropriate or abusive content please use the “Copyright Infringement Form” with specific details of the grievance and including all information referenced above.