Scholarship Acceptance Letter (With Samples)

Scholarships usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are numerous reasons why a student would have to apply for financial aid or be afforded “gifted funding” to continue with their studies. After a student has applied for a scholarship, it is usually up to the board to read through their application and determine which student should be awarded a scholarship. It is not always that a simple letter can make a huge impact on someone’s life- a simple scholarship acceptance letter can mean a lot to a student.


What is a Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

Scholarship programs are important to students who do not have enough financial support from their home. A scholarship acceptance letter is a letter written by the scholarship board or by the management after awarding a scholarship program to such students.

The letter informs the students that their application to be granted scholarship was accepted, and they can now proceed to pursue what they had set to pursue with the scholarship.

Uses and Purpose

An institution writes scholarship acceptance letters after awarding a scholarship to a student. The letter is usually written after a student has submitted their scholarship application, and it has been reviewed by the scholarship committee.

The purpose of a scholarship acceptance letter is to inform the applicant that their scholarship application has been approved and awarded a scholarship.

Although there are different types and levels of scholarship that a student may be awarded, the acceptance letter helps inform the student which type of scholarship they have been awarded, the amount they have been awarded, and what they need to do after they receive the letter.

Who Needs to Write a Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

A scholarship acceptance letter is usually written after a scholarship application has been approved.

Customarily, scholarships are awarded to students with a financially weak background. After the scholarship board has rejected or approved a student for a scholarship, they then proceed to draft acceptance letters to those students who are qualified to join the scholarship program.

The letter can be drafted by the boards’ secretary, the institution, the chair, or the school’s management, depending on who is awarded the mandate to draft them.

How to Write a Scholarship Acceptance Letter

Scholarship acceptance letters are simple letters that can mean a lot to the student. It is, therefore, very significant that you know how to craft them. Those simple words that you include in the letter can go a long way, and they will always ring in the student’s mind. It is not always that people get accepted into programs that will help shape their life.

Think of a scholarship acceptance letter as you giving someone a shot at achieving what they so much desire in their life. You want to make sure that you’ve used the right tone, the right words, and the right structure when crafting the letter. Here is how you should craft the scholarship acceptance letter.

Use a professional tone: Since the acceptance letter is an official correspondence that will be kept in the school’s records, make sure to use a professional tone and follow the official business format

Name and address: Include the name of the institution or include the institution’s letterhead and address, followed by the date, name, and the recipient’s address. Make sure to include the right name of the student as a minor mistake- typo- may lead to another student being awarded the scholarship.

Subject: Write the subject of your letter, i.e., your reason for writing the letter. Make sure that the subject is short and to the point. For example, you may want to write a “Scholarship Acceptance Letter.”

Body: Inform the applicant that their application was reviewed and that they have been accepted for a scholarship program. Mention the type of scholarship that they have been awarded, the amount, and the scholarship duration. Other things that you may want to mention here include:

  • How long the student has to accept the scholarship
  • How the money will be disbursed into the school’s account
  • How many credit hours the student must attend in school in a semester, and what will happen to their scholarship should they decide to drop out
  • Any grade point average that they must maintain during their study
  • What will happen to their scholarship should they want to change their school
  • What will happen to their scholarship if they fail in a class

Conclusion: Conclude the letter by congratulating the student on their scholarship and wish them the best in their studies.

Sign off: Sign off professionally and include your contact info should they have any questions regarding the scholarship awarded to them.


Scholarship Acceptance Letter Writing Tips

Here are some tips to use when writing your scholarship acceptance letter:

  • Keep the letter brief and to the point: Do not include any unnecessary information when writing. Only mention what is absolutely necessary to the recipient.
  • Congratulate the student on winning the scholarship. Properly congratulate the student on being awarded the scholarship and mention how long the scholarship is for, the amount awarded, and anything they have to do to maintain the scholarship.
  • Use the standard business format when writing the acceptance letter. A scholarship letter is an official document, and a copy is usually retained for future reference. Make sure to use the standard business format when writing the letter.
  • Make sure that you have written the name of the student correctly.  Simple mistakes, especially with the names, can be grave. You don’t want to award the wrong student scholarship. Some institutions will ask the student to produce their IDs to verify the scholarship. If the names don’t match, they may not be accepted for the program.
  • Mention the scholarship’s package. Mention everything that will be catered for by the scholarship including when the student is expected to send their acceptance letter to show that they have received the letter, what they have to do after receiving the letter, how the money will be sent to the school and what they have to do to maintain their scholarship.
  • Sign off professionally. Use a professional sign off. You may consider using “Sincerely,” Yours Sincerely” or any other professional sign off.
  • Include your contact details. Include your contact details or that of the person they have to contact should they have any questions regarding the scholarship.
  • Proofread your work. Scholarship acceptance letters mean a lot to the recipient. You want to make sure that all the details are correct. Counter check the letter to make sure that you have not left out any important detail.

Scholarship Acceptance Letter Sample


Michael Pence,

674 Valley Arcade,

South Wing Drive,


Jan 20th 202X

Subject: Scholarship Acceptance in Business and Finance Program

Dear Mr. Pence,

This is to inform you that the University of Greenwoods has accepted your application for a scholarship for the Business and Finance Program after carefully reviewing your application, academic qualification, academic achievements, financial condition, and previous marks. We have established that you will be a valuable addition to our program and will be able to learn more business and finance skills from here.

We are happy to announce that you will not only be eligible for the university’s scholarship program for the first year but the whole course. However, in order to continue getting the scholarship, you will have to maintain a minimum of 75% marks in every semester in all units so that we are assured that you are dedicated and that we made the right choice awarding you the scholarship.

Should you have any questions regarding the admission or scholarship procedure, please feel free to reach out to our registration department at 863-8386 3683. Our university takes great pride in excellent results and producing great students. We hope that you will continue glorifying our institution through your work.


Roselyn Stephens

Chair- Scholarship Board

Free Downloads (Scholarship Acceptance Letter)

To help you write a great scholarship acceptance letter, we are providing you with free templates that you can download and customize as you see fit. The process is simple, simply choose a template, download, customize and send. Download and get started on your writing!










    When students apply for a scholarship, they are always eager to receive the letter in their mail or email stating that they have been accepted for the scholarship. This is especially true for most students who are banking entirely on the scholarship to proceed with their education. When you are tasked with writing a scholarship acceptance letter, it is important that you take the time to craft it. Choose the right words, use the right format, and proofread the letter before sending it.

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