How to Write a Job Offer Letter (Sample Letters)

The job offer letter is used to propose a role to an employee officially and provide crucial information, namely, start time, wages, hours of work, and job description. That is also defined as the letter of the work proposal. The proposal can be tailored based on the degree of competence and how much information your organization wants to provide. Use the official logo of the business for a professional relationship.  If the offer letter is not enforceable by law, employ a lawyer to review the final offer letter format and wording to prevent any legal consequences.


What is a Job Offer Letter?

The job offer letter suggests a position to the applicant formally and includes vital details, namely, start time, salary, hours of work, and job description. Once you’ve found the right candidate and presented a descriptive request form, it’s time to send out a formal job offer letter. It is usually sent via email before the background check and signing a valid employment contract. The offer letter helps the applicant know most of the job’s circumstances and the organization to determine whether to approve the offer.

Purpose of a Job Offer Letter

It provides essential information on the job available, including income, rewards, the official you will report to, and obligations. It contains conditions that you must fulfill before you become an employee. They also require a background check, drug test, and probably a medical certification for those forms of work. The letter of offer can be called legal instruments and may be used to settle any conflicts that may occur concerning the terms of employment.

Employers can submit compensation packages together with offer letters so that eligible candidates are aware of any wage deductions for those incentives. Employees will also choose to weigh other expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments.

Usually, the bid letter contains simple benefit detail. Examples of job compensation include disabilities, psychiatric, dental, eye benefit-sharing insurance, and holiday and sick leave. Precise detail about benefits is usually offered as part of a service plan that can be given along with the job offer letter.

Employers can submit compensation packages and letters of the offer, so that prospective employees are aware of any paycheck deductions for those benefits. Employees will also choose to weigh other expenses, such as co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance.

Employment decisions are primarily based on how the candidates do when interviewed. Although background checks are typically carried out before hiring, the offer letter may allow for some considerations. The aim of providing preconditions is to shield employers from legal liabilities if the offer of employment is cancelled based on the details gathered after the request has been extended

Components of a Job Offer (What is Included)

Not all job offer letters will feature all these elements since some are unique to the applicant’s position and individual situation. For example, the relocation clause directly applies to any applicants who are planning to relocate. However, these are the key components that you should consider carefully:

  • Company logo – Ensure you use the official signature for the business logo. It makes the letter competent and valid and allows the nominee to read it carefully.
  • Date and contact details – Include the year, the full name, and the applicant’s full address.
  • Opening line – You may make a formal or informal greeting or opening line based on the business’s culture.
  • Details of the job – This part contains the job’s nature, the planned start date, the work status, the workplace’s address, the name of the boss or manager, and the roles and responsibilities.
  • Salary – Describe how much the individual will earn every year, monthly or hourly, how you will make the payment. You may also exchange benefits or compensation arrangements, if necessary.
  • At-will status – This means the business and its staff can, for any cause and at any time, terminate their jobs. You will want to pursue legal counsel before considering at-will status to minimize complications later on.
  • Expiry date – It’s up to you whether or not you want to add an expiration date. If you prefer giving the applicant a timeframe when considering your work offer, do it for at least one week. Providing a time limit helps you quickly identify other candidates if your preferred candidate has refused your bid.
  • Closing line – Have information on how the applicant can contact you if he/she has concerns about the job offer.
  • Disclaimer – To eliminate the uncertainty, consider adding a short warning to clarify that the letter is descriptive and not legally enforceable. Seek advice from a prosecutor to stop using a term with commercial consequences. 

How to Write (Format) a Job Offer Letter

A job offer letter is usually submitted after the verbal offer has been extended to the candidate who has passed the background check, evidence of qualification for jobs, etc. If you’ve selected your top candidate, you need to work fast to get him/her off the job market, and submitting your job offer letter would help you with that. Keep in mind that top prospects are most likely to have a variety of businesses that want to recruit them, so it’s important to make a solid bid right away.

Here are a few guidelines to help you write an attractive job offer letter:

Your offer letter should begin with a paragraph containing details such as the job description, start date, training date, full or part-time status, and the relevant shift. Employers should resist using terms that suggest an undefined lifetime of jobs, such as ‘job protection,’ ‘we are a family business,’ or ‘in the future.’ Companies may also like to use a vocabulary that the company can change or cancel the details included in the letter of offer in the course of a worker’s employment. Remember to also include information about the wage and payment dates.

Employee benefits should be mentioned on an hourly, monthly, or per pay cycle wage amount to reduce the assumption of getting the maximum annual salary if the employee is dismissed in the middle of the year. A yearly rate equivalent can be indicated, but only after payment is stated explicitly in one of these installments. It is practical to include the boss or supervisor to whom the employee should report and the productivity progress or review dates.

You must add a list of the available benefits and qualifying conditions for health care, life insurance, financial support, discretionary spending accounts, short-and long-term disabilities, accidental death and destruction compensation, and the duration of leave worker is allowed should be mentioned next. This should include vacations, paid sick leave or holidays, and family leave.

The terms of employment should be included in another paragraph. This part contains the satisfactory execution of drug tests and background checks, signing confidentiality arrangements, and compliance with immigration regulations. Conditions can never have claims about work protection, assurances on potential jobs, or collective agreements. A person can certify that they are not bound by any non-competing arrangements or other binding covenants with former employers by signing. Clarify that the work arrangement is at will. It gives you the freedom to dismiss the employee any time, with or without cause, and provides the employee the same right to quit.

Lastly, your job offer letter should conclude with details regarding inquiries or complaints. Employers can include feelings that express the happiness of the company to have the employee on board. The letter can also contain a few words about the culture of the business.  Finally, the letter should end with the employer’s signature and date.

Types of Job Offer Letter

There are four main types of job offer letters that you should know about as an employer. They include:

Formal Job Offer Letter

This is made when a full-time job is given to the chosen candidate.   The letter of offer should be accurate in all aspects, including all the functional elements and the terms and conditions of jobs.

Sample formal job offer letter

Summit Electronics Ltd.

Dear Simon,

I was excited to get to know you in our previous meeting.

I’m very impressed with your extensive experience and background and would be more than glad to welcome you into the team and offer you a position as an assistant director in our company.

This is a full-time position where you’ll be required to work 8hrs a day, five days a week. You will be needed to report to the head of human resource Summit Electronics.

We will be remunerating you an annual gross salary of 30000 USD and an overtime bonus of 100 USD per hour. You will also have benefits such as health insurance, paid time off that is four weeks in a year, commuting/travel assistance, workplace food and coffee, wellness programs.

Your expected starting date is 1st February 202X. You will be needed to sign a contract of terms agreement at the start of your employment.

We are expecting your response by 29th January 202X. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out to me via [Email Address]  or the manager, sir Carl via [Email Address], should you have any questions or require any clarification.

We’re looking forward to having you on our team.

Best regards,

Peet Kent.

Informal Job Offer Letter

This form of a job offer is often used if the organization is either not strict with the rules or if the role is part-time. In such situations, the job offer includes an email and written notice of the terms and conditions of service negotiated by the employer and the applicant.

Informal job offer letter sample

Dear Simon,

I am pleased to offer you a job as an assistant director in our company Summit Electronics Ltd. We’ve concluded that your extensive experience, skills, and abilities will be a great asset to our company.

If you are to consider and accept this job offer, you will be eligible for the following under our company’s policies:

  1. Annual gross salary of 30000 USD pain in monthly installments via direct deposit to your bank account.
  2. Overtime bonus of 100 USD per hour.
  3. Benefits include:
  4. Health insurance
  5. Paid time off that is four weeks in a year
  6. Commuting/ travel assistance
  7. Workplace food and coffee
  8. Wellness programs

To accept this offer, kindly get back to us by 29th January 202X.

Your expected hire date will be 1st February 202X. You are expected to report to the head of Human Resource, and your immediate supervisor will be Mr. Mark Orland.

We are excited about welcoming you to our team. In case of any questions or clarification, feel free to reach out to me via [Email Address].


Peet Kent.

Change Offer Letter

When the nature of employment is highly progressive, there are occasions where applicants are fully considered on a contract or temporary basis. Eventually, as a full-time employee, another offer letter will be sent out, showing the transition.

Change offer letter sample

Summit Electronics Ltd.

Dear Simon,

I was very impressed after meeting and getting to know you in our last sit down. I was impressed by your extensive experience, ability, and skills, which I believe will significantly improve our company.

However, having gone through your skills set, we would like to change the initial assistant director job offer to the director job offer since, having thoroughly considered your abilities, we believe you are best suited for this job.

It will be a full-time job position where you will be required to work 8 hours a day, five days a week. You will be needed to report to the head of department Summit Electronics Ltd.

We will be remunerating you an annual gross salary of 50000 USD and an additional overtime bonus of 100 USD per hour. Benefits from the company will include: health insurance, gym membership, Commuter/ travel allowance, wellness programs, paid time off, which is four weeks in a year, workplace food and coffee, retirement benefit.

Your expected starting date is 1st February 202X. Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign a contract containing the company’s terms and conditions.

We would appreciate having your response by 29th January 202X. Meanwhile, please feel free to reach out to me via email at [email address] in case of any questions or clarifications.

We are looking forward to having you on our team.

Best regards,

Peet Kent.

Internal Job Offer Letter

This is a letter of offer used anytime a staff member is given a new position. This is a standard method in which an employee’s skill set can be considered more appropriate for another department and role other than the one initially proposed. In this case, the letter of offer will be different.

Internal job offer letter sample

Internal Promotion Offer

Subject line: Congratulation on your new job role

Dear Simon,

As discussed, we are glad to officially promote you to Senior Director of Summit Electronics Ltd as of 10th February 202X.

Attached you’ll find your updated contract containing your new employment terms and your remuneration package and benefits that come with the latest job role. Please review and come to the HR office to sign it. Feel free to reach out in case of any clarification or questions.

We recognize and appreciate your hard work and commitment to Summit Electronics Ltd for the last three years. We are looking forward to seeing you achieve full potential in your new role.



Peet Kent.

Job Offer Letter Sample

Coca Cola

267 Kinston St

Boston, MA 3345


Paul Grant

533 Hope Rd

Los Angeles, CA 3323

Dear Grant,

Coca Cola is happy to have you on board as Operations Manager. We’re a few procedures away from going to work. Please take the time to read out our proposal. It provides valuable information about your salary, incentives, and the terms and conditions of your projected work with Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is proposing a full-time role for you as Operations Manager, reporting to the CEO beginning 23rd January 2020. The expected work hours are 10 hours, five days a week. Coca Cola offers to pay you an annual amount of $95000 in this post. It will be paid monthly.

You will be qualified for dental and health insurance as an employee of Coca Cola.

Please show your compliance with these conditions and approve this proposal by signing and dating this agreement before 19th January 202X.


HR Manager

Free Downloads (Job Offer Templates)

It’s not easy to find the right recruit. You need to analyze many applications and see many prospects before choosing. To have an easier time writing job offer letters, download our free and customizable job offer letter templates.
















    Things to Remember While Making a Job Offer

    After someone has applied for a job and you’ve approved them to proceed to the next phase of the hiring process, it is important that you draft them a great job offer letter- one that will make them feel welcomed to your organization.

    To do so effectively follow tips such as making the individual feel comfortable and respected by adding a sentence or two on why you selected them.  You may also mention how many other candidates competed for the position.

    Apart from that, include a statement stating that the nature of the employment offer letter invalidates any verbal discussion of any of the issues addressed in it. This saves the company against the employee’s future allegations that something was promised during an interview and was not delivered.

    Also try to start the job offer letter by indicating that you are glad to notify the candidate they have been selected for an open role. Use the letter body to clarify employment duties, start dates, advantages, and circumstances. Explain how to accept the job offer and to whom the applicant can contact to negotiate the offer.

    When you complete your letter, determine whether you want to place an expiry date on your proposal. A deadline will stop you from losing more eligible applicants if the prospective employee rejects the offer. If you want to have a time limit, consider allowing the nominee to think and reflect for at least one week.



    The letter of the job offer is used to suggest a position to the applicant formally and to include key details, namely, start time, salary, hours of work, and job description. This is also known as the letter of the proposal for work. The plan should be customized to the extent of expertise and knowledge the company needs to provide using its official name and emblem.

    The job offer letter officially specifies the candidate’s location and provides crucial information, such as start time, wage, hours of work, and job description. Until you’ve found the right applicant and sent a descriptive application form, it’s time to deliver a formal work offer note. It is typically sent by email before a background check, and a binding work contract is signed.

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