Product Details

  • File Formats: .dotx, .docx, pdf
  • Files Included: Word Template, PDF Preview, Readme, Fonts Information

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft® Word 2007+
  • PDF Reader
  • Winzip or any unzip software

Informative Resources


It is a simple design and more importantly it looks professional with no much overused colors. The color used on every section is properly chosen so as not to obstruct or camouflage the message that will be written in the body of the template. The color design in the edges has a solid and appealing look both in the foreground and the background.

This design has many uses in many areas in our daily endeavors which include but not limited to: writing the minutes of a meeting, making of tenders and issuing of notices, approval or legal notices and inter-departmental communication.

For flexibility template is editable in Microsoft word and you can change what’s written on it including the font. Also user can add custom logos, signatures, seals etc. the background graphics as can be seen is in HD quality and printing results are very fine.