Product Details

  • File Formats: .dotx, .docx, pdf
  • Files Included: Word Template, PDF Preview, Readme, Fonts Information

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft® Word 2007+
  • PDF Reader
  • Winzip or any unzip software

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This easily customizable Gift Certificate template is sure to bring joy to all who receive it. With it’s eye-catching red color and beautifully decorated Christmas Tree, it’s the perfect addition to any holiday gift. For $5 this 6″x3.5″ certificate can be printed in high definition an unlimited number of times. The Festive Snowflake Gift Certificate can be edited and customized to your heart’s desire and will make your friends and family feel all warm and fuzzy when they see it. Not only can it be used as a standard card for any Christmas present, it can also be the present itself. Whether it is inscribed with a special heart warming message or poem to be cherished for years, or if it is meant to be exchanged for a romantic date night, this Festive Snowflake Gift Certificate is a wonderful way to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.