Product Details

  • File Formats: .dotx, .docx, pdf
  • Files Included: Word Template, PDF Preview, Readme, Fonts Information

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft® Word 2007+
  • PDF Reader
  • Winzip or any unzip software

Informative Resources


A Merry Christmas card that you can send to your loved one and even include in a nice and sweet Christmas gift to someone you know for the very low price of only 5 dollars. The design is sweet and makes you remember parts of childhood and the cartoon will most definitely make you think of the time you spent on Christmas day enjoy any cartoons and spending time with your family. Naturally, it is such a nice card that you can gift to almost anyone, you will be able to easily edit it before you buy it. The fonts and text can all be changed or even delete if you want more space to write your own words to someone you love or even someone who is a good friend or even a person at work. The card will be printed with HD graphics giving it the best printing results, furthermore you will be able to buy as many copies as you would need and the size of the cards will be 6″ wide and 3.5″ tall.