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March 2017

Investment Analysis Templates

Investment & Financial Analysis Templates for Excel

Investment analysis is the practice of examining a specific investment opportunity in order to evaluate its potential for profit. This is a crucial element of consideration when building a portfolio. Assessing an investment's possible risks and rewards will determine how appropriate of a fit said investment can be. Investment analysis templates are necessary for projects of any size or magnitude. Anything from a small personal portfolio to a large-scale business project necessitates the use of an investment analysis template. An...

Business SWOT Analysis Templates

Business SWOT Analysis – (5 + Examples for Word, Excel, PPT and PDF)

Starting a new business or a new service offering within an existing corporation requires careful consideration. Many new business ventures fail not because they are bad ideas, but because owners fail to address the environment in which their new venture will take place. A realistic look at the marketplace and its opportunities will help guide efforts and prevent being derailed by the unexpected. An important tool used by most analysts and successful entrepreneurs alike is the SWOT analysis. Even...

February 2017

Stakeholder Analysis Templates

8 Best Templates to Analysis Stakeholders (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF)

Organizations and corporations, big and small, that have a robust culture and business practice are those that are able to articulate its mission and impact easily and accurately. They need to be able to know how its activities and outcomes affect its different stakeholders, including internal and external parties. Stakeholders are those who have a vested interest in an organization and it often includes clients, employees, customers, and vendors. An easy way to easily view how business activities affect...

January 2017

Break Even Analysis Template

Break Even Analysis Template – 3 Best Spreadsheets

Keeping your company in the black can be daunting. A break even analysis gives you the tools you need to identify how you can improve your company and make sure you are in the black before the quarter ends. A break even analysis template offers you scenarios you can implement to make your company profitable. A break even analysis template lets you play with different scenarios until you find one that works for you. What are the scenarios of a...