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April 2017

Field Trip Permission Slip Templates – 25 Formats and Examples for Word

For many children, some of their fondest memories of school involve taking a field trip. These trips not only relieved them from the daily monotony of class, but took them on exciting journeys to museums, parks, botanical gardens and picnics. They are meant to be educational but also fun excursions where kids can have fun, explore and break free from the usual educational environment. What is a Permission Slip? When a child is underage, they will need a permission slip to...

How to write a petition with free petition templates

Petition Templates – Create Your Own Petition With 20+ Samples and Formats

Let’s start with what is a petition? Whenever an individual, group or organization with to affect a situation, they create a petition. This petition is a written document which states an issue. Individuals that agree with this issue then sign the petition. When the petition gets a certain number of signatures, the petition is presented to the individual, group or organization which it targeted. For example, individuals who learn they will be relaxing rules on global warming, they will...