How to Write the Perfect Donation Letter (Sample Letters)

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of fundraising activities. More and more people have come forward to join non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and similar charities to help unfortunate people. Non-profit organizations, including fundraising activities, fundraising ideas may differ in their concepts and practices.

However, donation letters, whether at the personal level or the corporate/business level, are an essential tool for raising funds.  A detailed guide about the donation letter will give you an overview of what you must write in the donation letter.

What is a Donation Letter?

A donation letter is a letter that can be written by an individual or organization to ask for donations from other individuals or organizations. Most of the donation letters are written for some humanitarian cause. The nature of the contribution requested can be different.

Types of Donation Letter

There are two main types of donation letters. They are:

Personal donation letter

An individual writes this type of donation letter. It can be written to request donations from either an individual or organization. If you are writing on behalf of an organization, it will be considered a personal donation letter.

Corporate donation letter

A non-profit organization usually writes this type of donation letter to ask for donations from their mailing list. It can also be reported to an individual or organization like state institutions. If an organization writes a letter on behalf of an individual, it will still be considered a corporate donation letter.

Formatting Your Donation Letter

The first paragraph and the Post Scriptum are usually the most read parts, and on which the most attention falls: for this reason, they should not be neglected. They must express what you want to communicate and contain a donation request.

Also, to guide you in reading, you can make use of different fonts such as italics and bold. What most values ​​the work of the fundraiser are the reasons behind the efforts he makes. For this reason, even when writing a letter, we must not forget why we are doing it, putting the cause for which we are fighting before everything. A few additional things you must keep in consideration while formating your donation letter are as follows:

  • Don’t make it too stuffy
  • Indent each paragraph.
  • Avoid paragraphs that are longer than seven lines.
  • Use bullets to add to your points.
  • Use subtitles. If the letter is long, try to center and underline the subtitles.
  • Underline sparingly but consistently to draw attention to keywords and phrases.

Whereas the format of your letter must be in the following order:

The first paragraph: Introduce yourself/your organization and the reason for the letter.

Second paragraph: Give brief information about yourself, your association, and how you have a common goal of working with other NGOs to raise funds. It can be divided into two or up to three segments with two segments-3 lines per line.

Paragraph 3: In the last section, thank the reader for his/her valuable time and briefly summarize your goals for writing this letter. Don’t forget to give your contact information, and your donation can make him/her feel when you contact them.

Attached documents: You can include your organization’s brochures and booklets to explain information about the event.

Elements of Donation Letter

There are a few components that you must form your donation letter on.

These components are as follows:

  • Your Name
  • Title
  • Organization / Charitable / Trust Name
  • Complete Address
  • Date
  • Greetings
  • Dear Mr / Ms. Client / Agency/person personal name of mail being processed

Donation Letter Samples

Here are two donation letter samples that will guide you to write your letter:

Personal Donation Letter Sample


Cancer Care

ABC Street,



January 18, 202X,

My dear wife, Jenny,

We have a fundraising walk 25 miles Cancer event held in the city. It would be August 2010 Held on June 16.

Participation in this event requires a considerable number of walkers. With the promise, complete this event and propose a minimum donation of 31.45 USD for participation.

This year, I am going! Before this, I participated in such a pursuit. I have been an active member of “cancer care” for the past eight months. I have seen this NGO doing fantastic work for cancer patients.

I have made this promise, and I need your help to meet my goal of contributing $31.45 so that I can participate.

I hope you will support Cancer Care and help them provide intensive care units for cancer patients in our city.

Many organizations out there Raise funds for charity, but I hope you will donate to Cancer Care and help them build much-needed facilities.

I hope I can count on you to help support Cancer Care.




abcd_3737 #

Corporate Donation Letter

Christina Molarei

Augustus Montessori School

3535– Park Canal

Park Avenue Road

USA – 474 758

October 7, 202X,

John Adams

Customer relationship management

South Carolina

United States –575,896

Requirements: arrange a raffle prize

Dear Mr. John,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Augustus Montessori school. The school’s cultural team, CreativeFlowers, “planned the annual fundraising event-” Super Sports Event” on December 1, 2021 location. This will include morning and afternoon activities, dedicated to the students and their families will conduct some Sports competitions, track and field are the same as everyone else.

Also, it will be a unique program for parents. In the past four years, we have attracted big companies such as “Champion Bikes,” famous bicycle manufacturing companies and publishing houses, “Reading Fun” is a prize for the winners.

The funds raised in the event will be used to expand our school library facilities.

If you are willing to help us, please direct your donation to the school’s address above. Because we hope you are entirely sure about your donation, you can contact us for more inquiries about our email ID: [email protected] or call any 7474-57547- 6464, from 9 am to 9 pm.

We are very willing to seek your appointment and tell you more about the plan.

Thank you in advance from Augustus Montessori School. We appreciate your time and energy spent in reading this letter.


Christina Molarei


Best Time to Send a Donation Letter

Writing an eloquently written donation letter is important and so is sending it at the right time. That is why it is essential to consider time while sending a donation letter. The best time to send a letter depends on your targeted audience. However, according to Brady Josephson the best time to send a donation letter is between  6 am to 9 am, or 10 am to 1 pm. 

Follow up

Requesting donations is not an easy task, even for the most experienced. If you get someone to donate your funds regularly, make sure you send a thank you letter for the money sent by such a person.

Tips for Writing a Donation Letter

Often, the people who write these messages need not only to master the language but also to know what things are essential to the recipients of the letters. What factors induce them to act, and what they expect before and after making their contributions.

Use simple words

Don’t pretend to sound more cultured, smarter, or trendier than the reader of your piece. Use simple, ordinary words. No matter how complex the mission of the right public entity you have to make known is, try to put it in day-to-day terms. Don’t be afraid to use words like “donation” … even “alms.” By the way, “alms” in Greek is “eleemosynary, which comes from “éleos,” which means “sharing” and “mercy.”

Remember you are making a letter, not a brochure

Focus on the reader: the “you,” the “you,” or the “you” should dominate the communication agenda, rather than the “we.” For the same reason, tell him things that interest him (or her). Don’t overwhelm him with paragraphs and paragraphs about the history of your institution. Especially if it is already well known.

Write with your heart

Comment on personal experiences, or ask the people who collaborate with the entity, short stories, phrases, sayings, or experiences. Those stories and sensations are invaluable material. Never fear being cheesy.

Tell the truth without falling into cruelty

No matter how harsh the reality that the NGO is trying to remedy, the reader needs to know the truth and, thus, will be more convinced to act. “Tears are effective. With them, you will soften even the diamonds ”, said the Latin poet Ovid.

If the text ends up syrupy, not only will the recipient not pay attention to the order, but they will get the wrong impression of what that organization does. In any case, due to an excess of truth, do not fall into morbid or yellowishness. The reader could become repulsed.

Use names and surnames, and specific cases.

If, for example, you are going to talk about child malnutrition, mention a real case with a first and last name. And focus on that undernourished boy: his problems, his family, what his house is like, how he spends his days. When confidentiality reasons prevent you from giving the last name, limit yourself to the first name.

Use guilt with caution

Some direct and interactive marketers find that people sometimes respond to fundraising campaigns out of guilt or “wash away” bad behavior.

While this is difficult to verify, never make the recipient feel responsible for the situation the NGO is attacking. Yes, help him to see all that he has and has received and to discover that there is the possibility of sharing some of that with people who own much less.

Use testimonials

Both recipients and donors can provide exciting testimonials. These make the letter closer.

In its communications, the SALES Foundation, which supports cancer research, shows people cured and scientists who made progress thanks to the funds received.

Make the reader a protagonist

Make the person feel that with their contribution of money, objects, or time, they are making a change.

Instead of “Together we can make this real change,” mention “It is in your hands to make this reality change forever.”

Don’t forget to mention that the payment mechanism is simple

Make sure the way you contribute is fast and straightforward. Since you are asking the recipient for a favor, please help them to finalize their collaboration.

Also, highlight that fact. For example, state: “Making the deposit will only take 4 minutes” or “You do not need to move from your home. Just call 1234-5678, and we will guide you to make your contribution ”.

Use comparisons

Convert the abstraction of the figures into images: “Your daily help of $ 3 allows us to provide each elderly person with a two-course lunch and dessert” or “For every $ 16 you contribute, our library buys eight books for the Initial Cycle. ​

Show that you are thrifty

Nobody will give money to an entity that, although its objective is to help those most in need, misuses resources. Expose the austerity of the institution.

Naturally, the savings must also be made visible, especially in printed communications, using matte papers, few colors, and a straightforward but not sophisticated design.


When you mention the amount you are asking the recipient of the shipment, divide it by the value of certain products that, for the general public, may have little relevance.

An example: “The contribution of $ 18 that we are requesting is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes per week, for one month” or “With that money, you can buy four sports magazines, but there is also the possibility of converting that amount into a microcredit for six spinners from our forgotten North.”

Likewise, the division makes it possible to minimize the impact of the original value: “The $ 27 per month of your collaboration is equivalent to less than $ 1 per day.”

 Use few numbers when it comes to donations

When requesting a monetary contribution, use as few figures as possible: “$ 125” is not the same as “$ 125.00”, although both values ​​are identical.

On the contrary, when you have to express how much you need to rise to carry out a job, use all the numbers, including the pennies.

Avoid “round” numbers

Keep in mind that “round” numbers or rounded figures are not always credible. It is better to ask for “$ 29” or “$ 31” than “$ 30”.

Use “factor 99.”

“Factor 99”, as old as street stalls, helps people perceive specific figures on a smaller scale. Asking for “$ 14.99” or “$ 14.90” is more compelling than “$ 15.” The resource looks old or out of use, but it still works.

Thank you before

In your communication, thank the reader for their time, for their interest, for the mere fact of not throwing the letter away, and for any other legitimate and reasonable reason.

Free Donation Letter Templates

Now that you know what donation letter, how it is written, and the technical aspects. You can download and use our 100% customizable donation letters to kick start your fundraising campaign with guaranteed success.






















    The art of persuasive donation writing is hidden in the sentence; simplicity is the ultimate maturity.  If withstood long or obscure, it will not help you raise funds. It would help if you mobilized your efforts to write a simple, straightforward ,and technically sound donation letter to raise funds for your individual and corporate appeals.

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