10 Best For Sale Flyer Templates (PDF, PSD)

88% of people prefer to read on paper rather than on screen and say the information is better stored that way. It is not true of their novels. They also like to get business and promotional materials that way.

In this article, we have provided free ‘for sale flyer templates’, but first, let us get ourselves familiar with what a flyer really is.

What is a Flyer?

Flyers are marketing tools usually printed on a sheet of paper and have a smaller size than brochures or pamphlets, which generally use A5 or A4 sizes made from HVS, art paper, or art cartons.

Marketing using ‘for sale flyer templates’ is one of the oldest methods compared to other devices, which dates back to the 18th century after printing the printing press.

Not only as a promotional tool but in its history, flyers have also been used as a tool for disseminating information and propaganda, according to the needs of those who share it.


Difference Between Flyer and Brochure:

The main factor that distinguishes between brochures and flyers is the shape and size and several other factors such as purpose and usability, paper, and price.

In the following, we will explain in full the differences between brochures and flyers to be more transparent and more comfortable for you to find out information about each of these marketing devices.

Based on Purpose:

When viewed from their purpose and use, brochures and flyers do not differ because they are generally both used to disseminate or promote a product, service, or activity. However, due to the different spaces on each device, of course, this will affect the marketing strategy and the density of information that can be included in it.

Flyers, which are generally only a sheet and printed on one side, will usually only contain to-the-point information and are not too dense but attract attention with catchy slogans or curiosity words.

Meanwhile, for folded brochures and divided into several panels, the information entered can be more numerous and more detailed, without the need to use “wow” and eye-catching words.

Based on Size:

The difference between brochures and other for sale flyer templates is based on size, which we have touched on several times, namely, in general, brochures have a larger size and have folds, while flyers are generally smaller and have no folds.

Brochures usually use A4 or Folio size paper, which is folded in half equilateral or three equilateral to form several panels with the same area so that they can be folded correctly. While flyers are generally printed on a sheet of A5 size paper (half A4) on one side, they are easy to share and carry by those who receive them.

Based on Paper:

The difference between brochures and flyers is based on the paper material and finishing used, which is not too different and varied depending on the maker’s activities and needs.

Paper on brochures uses relatively thick art paper, at least 150 gsm and above. Usually, a laminate finish will be given, be it glossy lamination to make it look shiny or do to make it look softer and more luxurious.

Meanwhile, paper on flyers generally uses HVS, art paper, and art cartons, which, depending on the needs, can vary in thickness from 120 gsm to using thick and un-finished art cartons. If what you want is a flyer that is easy to share and carry around, the two devices are meant to do that, but the flyer is more compact and easy to move because of its single-sheet shape and no folds.

Based on Price:

When viewed from the price or production cost, making brochures will be much more expensive due to the many additional manufacturing elements. In contrast, in flyers, the production process is more straightforward and business budget-friendly.

Brochure production comes with additional costs such as rail or folding costs and glossy or matte lamination costs, on top of expected expenses such as printing and cutting costs.

Meanwhile, flyer production will be much cheaper because there will only be printing and cutting costs, without rail or folding costs, and generally without lamination costs.

Of course, the above comparison if it is assumed that the quantity printed is the same because the number of devices published will undoubtedly cause the production costs to change even though flyer production is still much cheaper.

Benefits of Using a For Sale Flyer Template:

For Sale Flyer Templates are unquestionably one of the most efficient advertising tools on the market. Over the years, companies have relied on flyer makers to allow their products and services to be made public. Despite widespread digital marketing tools, ‘for sale flyer templates’ continue to do wonders for the business and its sales value. Following are some of the benefits of using a flyer:

  • When you send items out to customers who already shop with you, a for sale flyer template can make them aware that you also have other products they could benefit from.

Example # 1:

Let’s imagine you’re selling desktop printers and have just packed one for shipping. Here, a flyer can make your customer aware that you are also selling ink cartridges. You can even give them a particular proposal because they bought the printer from you. In this way, you show the customer that you much appreciate that they shop with you. Customers who are treated that way often come back just because they can remember your gesture.

Example # 2:

Let’s imagine you’re selling yoga equipment. You also sell online yoga classes that people can subscribe to and follow at home from their living room. When you send the package with a yoga mat out to your customer, a flyer can inform them about the possibility of also subscribing to your new online yoga course. Your flyer may contain a coupon code, which gives your customer a favorable price on the yoga course simply because they bought the yoga mat from you. That way, you build a good relationship with your customers, and it will probably, in the end, show up on the bottom line.

  • It is how you can legally increase additional sales with a simple informative flyer.

  • It is an inexpensive marketing tool. Another essential advantage of leaflets is that they are less expensive to produce. If you have the primary home or office supplies that you can access, you can print a few flyer copies in just a few minutes.

  • Many printing firms also offer huge discounts on mass production, which is visible to mass flyers. It is always a good idea for small businesses and beginners to invest in for sale flyer templates to create product awareness. It may seem old-fashioned, but you’ll be amazed at how well-received the for sale flyer templates are by everyday consumers.

  • Produces instant results. You have to spend a lot of money on TV advertising, but customers need to wait for your ads to appear on the screen. With leaflets, you can turn prospects into real customers at the moment with a message conveyed by the user. Try giving a few for sale flyer templates to announce your end-of-season sales and see how customers respond.

  • Anything that tests like the words “Buy” and “Discount” will be enough to immediately drive traffic to your stores.

  • It receives direct criticism from consumers. Intimacy and customer relationships are best interpreted through individual exchanges. When you deliver a flyer in person, you hear the opinions and complaints consumers have about what you are selling and how you do it.

  • You can receive a lot from what people say, which will positively impact your strategies and campaigns in the future. It also makes it easier to answer common questions consumers may want to raise regarding your products and services.

  • You are reaching a wider audience. Although billboards ,also known as dynamic channels, anything under the category of standing advertising is not a viable option for businesses that have not yet made a name in the industry. Instead, for sale flyer templates offer a better opportunity to expand your reach in various markets. It gives you a chance to share your business information with those who may have no clue about who you are and what you do.

  • It is instrumental. Unlike anything we see online or on TV, for sale flyer templates are an excellent start to a conversation between a trust and a salesperson. It is not uncommon for people to have doubts about your products or services. To convince them otherwise, you can use the flyer to establish trust and encourage continued engagement.

  • It provides an overview of what you have set for consumers to keep in mind. That’s because the for sale flyer templates have a convincing and constructive vibe that leaves an indelible impression of potential sales.

Types of Sales You Can Make With Flyer Advertising:

You can make different types of sales using flyer advertising. From real estate to electronic products and healthcare to fashion, you can market almost anything using flyer advertising. Following are some of the best areas to use for sale flyer templates advertising:

Real Estate Sale Flyer

The ‘for sale flyer template’ is one of the oldest methods to advertise real estate. It is a straightforward and convenient method to advertise your property without spending too much.

Free Real State For Sale Flyer

Free Real State Flyer

Free Editable Real State Flyer

Printable Real State Flyer

    Car Sale Flyer

    Another area where for sale flyer templates are used for quite some time is a car and car rental. In a car for sale flyer template, you can add all the details and images of the vehicle to attract potential customers.

    Free Care Sale Flyers

    Free Printable Care Sale Flyers

      Commerce Sale Flyer

      The most common for sale flyer template is a commerce sale flyer. It is one of the cheapest methods to advertise. You can also QR code in your commerce for sale flyer template.

      Free Commerce Sale Flyer

      Free Editable Commerce Sale Flyer


        How to Successfully Distribute Business Flyers

        The most important step of business sale flyer marketing is the distribution of a ‘for sale flyer template’. Following are some of the tips you can use to distribute business flyers successfully:

        • Via Direct Mail: This first method is very efficient because you already have customer data with previously provided data, so you can choose to focus on one target you want to achieve. Once you know your target audience for brochures, you can start distributing flyers.
        • Distribute Flyer in Person: Distributing for sale flyers templates in person in crowded places is probably the most used way for those who are aggressively promoting or marketing products. When distributing flyers, it is required to show a polite and polite attitude and behavior. One thing is for sure, don’t forget to smile. Don’t let the flyer’s recipient get the impression that the flyer is half-hearted or unwilling to distribute the flyer.
        • Insert It In A Newspaper Or Magazine: Inserting a flyer in a newspaper or magazine is smart to distribute flyers that you can follow. Before deciding to insert a flyer, first check with the newspaper or magazine deliveryman about readers. What types of readers subscribe to the newspaper or the magazine? Is it suitable for your target audience? If it fits, you can ask for help from delivering newspapers to tucking for sale flyers templates into newspapers or magazines.
        • Placing Flyers In Public Places Where People Can Easily See Them: Public places easily visible to passers-by include restaurant entrances, reception desks, dentist waiting areas, and many more. Again, consider the types of customers who will likely come to the place you choose. If it fits the target, then talk to the person in charge of the site.
        • Include Flyers On Your Website: If you have a business site, then upload a flyer on your site. So when someone visits your site, whoever it is, can see your flyer. Who knows they’ll be interested, right? Those who previously did not know became aware and wanted to buy.
        • Apart From Distributing Printed For Sale Flyer Templates, Distribute Digital Flyers: Apart from distributing printed flyers, why don’t you distribute them digitally? The right promotion is one that can take advantage of everything you can use. Now is the digital age, so you shouldn’t be left behind digitally promoting either, without forgetting or underestimating traditional promotional methods.

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