Audition Announcement Letter (With Samples)

“Auditions,”- such a simple word which has so much meaning and promise to an actor’s career. The audition process is well known to be a nerve-wracking and exciting one for auditions, bringing that familiar feeling of anticipation that can be dreaded or addictive for those on stage. If you are planning to hold an audition for your next film or play, you will want to find the right actors for the different roles. To do this, you will have to send out audition announcement letter to advertise that you have openings for different roles that you would like people to audition for.

What is an Audition Announcement Letter?

An audition announcement letter is a letter written by the person in charge of organizing the event. The letter is then placed on common areas or bulletin boards where announcements are usually made. The letter may also be circulated on social pages to give it more visibility.

The letter usually contains all the information that the candidate needs to know before coming for the auditions such as when, where and what time the auditions will take place. The letter should also list down the eligibility criteria and the rules or criteria necessary for the audition.

Types of Auditions

Here are four main types of auditions:

Open Auditions

An open audition, just like the name suggests, is an audition that is open to everyone. It is normally advertised on posters, newspapers, advertisements etc. where everyone can see it. With open auditions, one does not have to have an invitation or an appointment to attend the audition – it is open to everyone interested in acting.

Private Auditions

Private auditions are auditions where only certain actors, such as professional members or union actors of a certain theater organization are allowed to audition. The people in charge of the audition usually create a list of some of the best people they believe are cut for the role and invite them for auditions.

Recall Audition

A recall audition is an invitation by the director of a show to the actor, to take the next step down the audition path. This usually happens when there are many candidates who have qualified for a role, and now the director must narrow down to one actor for a role.

Screen Test

While most actors transition to and from the world of film and theater, there is a huge difference between camera acting and live acting. For one to determine an actor’s presence and ability to perform on camera, the casting directors and the producers must perform a screen test. A screen test is simply a filmed audition in which an actor demonstrates their suitability for a given role in a television show or a film.

Format of an Audition Announcement Letter

When writing an audition letter, there is a format you must follow, if you want it to be as efficient as possible.

That is:

  • Start by providing a description of the production including the title of the audition, the type of the audition and provide a short synopsis of the project
  • Depending on the type of audition, include the date and location for the audition. For open auditions, you want to include the exact date of the auditions since every person reading the letter may want to attend.
  • Mention any non-conventional requirements. It is vital that you include this information in the breakdown. Are there any special skills or talent that the auditioner must-have? Are there special roles that the auditioner must be ready to play? Be very precise here.
  • Define the role: When you are looking for auditioners, you want to make sure that the right people turn up for the auditions. Be broad with the age range, ethnicity, height, weight, etc. However, do not lock out other actors who may be interested in the role, let talent show you how they are interpreting your opportunity and be open to new ideas.
  • Provide your contact information: Your audition letter should have your contact information. You want to make sure that if the auditioner has any questions regarding the requirements you have listed, they can contact you anytime for answers.

Steps to Prepare an Audition Announcement Letter

While preparing an audition announcement letter, you must keep a few steps in mind.

These basic steps are as follows:

Create an outline

Start by analyzing the role you want people to audition for. Create an outline of everything you want the auditioner to have, such as the age range, height, color, eye color, physic, etc. Also think of the date, time and venue for the audition. Give yourself enough time to get the right candidate for the role.

Prepare a rough draft

After you have created an outline for the auditions, prepare a rough draft to ensure that you have covered everything or just to give you a general idea of what and how you should draft the letter.

Use company letterhead

You want anyone reading the letter to know which company or agency is doing the auditions. Make sure to include the company letterhead to make the letter more official.

Attend to your goals

Focus more on the role and what you want the candidate to have. Making clear what you want in a candidate will help you get the right person for the role.

Proper use of phrases

Use the right phrases when writing your audition letter. Use catchy words to attract people to view your audition letter if you will be placing it on a notice board. You can use bold wordings to make your letter visually appealing to the reader.

Free Audition Announcement Letter Templates

When preparing your audition announcement letter, you want to make sure that you have included all the key details for you to get the right candidates for the role. However, when you have various roles that need to be filled, preparing the letters can be quite challenging, and you may find yourself leaving out some crucial information.  To make sure that you don’t leave out any crucial information, we recommend downloading our free audition announcement templates.











    Tips for Writing an Audition Announcement Letter

    Here are some important audition tips to use when writing an audition announcement letter:

    Proofread and Edit: Proofread the letter to make sure that it is free of any errors. Make sure to correct any mistakes before sending out the letter.

    Keep it brief: Most audition letters are usually placed on notice boards, you want to make it easy for anyone passing by to read it faster. Make sure that it if is an open audition you have listed down the date, time and venue for the auditions.

    Include all details: depending on the role that you are looking to fill, make sure to write down all the specific requirements that the candidate will be required to possess.

    Handling bad news: Be prepared to get few people or nobody showing up for the auditions. People may come for the auditions, but they may not possess the qualities that you are looking for. Be prepared for that also.


    Auditions are very important. Drafting the best audition announcement letter can help you get the right candidates showing up for your auditions. If you are a film director, you want to make sure that you get the right candidate for the role. Getting the right talent can make the work much easier for you and go a long way into making sure that the project you are working on succeeds.

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