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An appointment letter is the first document given to the job candidate who has successfully gone through the interview process. It is a letter that confirms the person has been selected for a particular job. An appointment letter is also a formal document issued by the organization where the individual has been employed. The letter indicates a specific role the selected candidate will be assigned. This article discusses details about appointment letters; a sample and templates are also provided.


What Is an Appointment Letter?

It is a binding formal document that confirms a company has appointed an individual for a given role. The letter goes into details regarding the role of the new employee, the terms and conditions, and payment agreements. In most companies, the HR department is tasked with sending appointment letters to job candidates. When writing an appointment letter, there is a guiding principle that must be followed.

Offer Letter Vs. Appointment Letter

There is a significant difference between an offer letter and an appointment letter. First, an offer letter is sent to a job candidate when they decide to hire them. The job states the job description and the salary offered by the employer. The offer letter also mentions the company’s benefits and perks after the successful candidate starts working. Other details included in the offer letter are the reporting date, job location, and contact information. If the company requests any information from the candidate like ID number, birth certificate, or legal documentation, it will be stated in the offer letter.

On the other hand, an appointment letter is a letter sent by the company to a selected candidate, informing them that they have been chosen for a particular job position. An appointment letter consists of essential information such as date of joining, designation name, agreed salary, working hours, benefits, working days, and the organization’s terms and conditions.

Elements of an Appointment Letter

Appointment Letter is a legitimately restricting archive that affirms that an association has offered a situation to a worker, and they have acknowledged the terms and understanding in return for compensation.

When writing an appointment letter, here are the elements you should consider:

Letter of appointment: This confirms that a particular job candidate has been appointed for the job.

Job title: This is the name of the job a new employee has been appointed to do.

Pay details: The payment details indicate the channels an employee will be receiving his salary.

Workplace terms: If there are any organization policies, they are listed in the appointment letter.

Types of leaves: Companies have different kinds of leaves; an appointment letter discusses them and indicates their applicability.

Termination conditions: These are the conditions that will lead to the termination of a contract. The new employee must avoid them at all costs.

Allowances and compensation: If the job has any allowances or compensation, they are indicated in the offer letter. Furthermore, the amount of event allowance is indicated.


How to Format the Appointment Letter

A poorly written appointment letter will compromise its quality. Your appointment letter should have all the essential details required. Furthermore, there are certain aspects you need to consider when formatting an appointment letter.

Here are some of them:

Issuance date of the appointment letter: This date indicates when you issued the appointment letter to the job candidate.

Company’s logo with name and contact information: It is important to include the company’s logo and contact information. It makes it authentic and legally binding.

Job title of the position offered: When you write the position offered, it avoids confusion and mixing it up with other letters.

Full names and addresses of the job candidate: You should include all the details of the job candidate for identification purposes.

Nature of the job: For the benefit of the job candidate, it is important to describe the nature of the job.

Duties and responsibilities: Explain in details what are the responsibilities of the new employee.

Office timing: You specify at what time the new employee will be reporting on duty.

Perks and benefits: If any, you should list the benefits of the job.

Annual or monthly salary: This is the amount of money the new employee will be earning. You need to specify whether it is weekly or monthly.

List of various company policies: If your company has specific policies, you should indicate them here.

Tips to Remember

Apart from the details discussed above, there are things you need to keep in mind. They will not only help improve the quality of your letter but also make it more authentic. It would help if you used fonts that make your letter easy to understand and read.

  • Don’t use oversize fonts; neither should it be too lengthy.
  • Ensure that you present all the essential details: For example, ensure that you give the contact information you can be reached in case of questions.
  • Keep it precise and easy to understand: Even though you include the necessary details, make sure that the letter is easy to understand. Do so by proofreading and editing where necessary.
  • Keep the letter free from grammatical and spelling errors: This can make the letter look unprofessional.
  • Don’t be sarcastic or rhetorical: besides, avoid using all-caps to describe anything

Appointment Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Harris,

Following an interview we had with you on Monday 6th, we are pleased to inform you that you have been offered the position. Below are the terms and conditions of the contract:

Salary: You have been offered a salary of 2500$ per month.

Probation period: You will be required to undergo a probation period of two months. During this period, you will be receiving half your salary.

Working hours: You will be required on duty daily from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Working days are from Monday to Friday. 

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours thankfully,

Pierre Bourne,

Human Resource Manager.

Free Templates & Examples

Are you looking to write an appointment letter? If you find it challenging to come up with a professional appointment letter, take advantage of our freely available templates to create one. You can also customize them to fit your preferences.






















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