20+ Best DVD Labels (Editable & Printable)

An excellent indelible marker and go: this is usually solved, with efficient handwriting, the dilemma related to how to indicate the contents of a burned CD / DVD for which a cover has not been printed but, in the long run, this system turns out to be counterproductive. Try grabbing one of those Mega-CD/DVD cases you keep in your home library and try to find a particular disk within five minutes impossible, right? Reading each title takes a long time.

Admit it, wouldn’t it be better to have DVD labels with some images printed on them (a cover, a logo, and other things) to quickly recognize the CD or DVD you need without reading the writing with the marker on all the discs? I would say yes, and it is precisely for this reason that today we want to illustrate how to create DVD labels using a series of efficient and effective solutions.

So, without hesitating a moment longer, make yourself relaxed and take a few moments of your free time to give to reading this guide.  In a few minutes, I am sure that you will identify the solution that best suits your case. Trust: the personal archive of your “disks” will thank you!


What is a CD/DVD label?

A CD/DVD is used to represent what is inside the item. The purpose of the CD/DVD label template is to identify the media with creativity and accuracy. It is used to highlight the title of the press and arrange it according to their labels.

How to Transfer the Label to CD/DVD?

Once you have finished making your label, all you have to do is print it and transfer it to the CD. We advise you to use, for this purpose,  adhesive paper sheets compatible with inkjet printing or laser printing, depending on the model of the printer in your possession. These types of sheets are readily available in specialized shops in the sector and online.

In any case, after obtaining the sheets in question, all you have to do is insert one into the compartment dedicated to the printer’s paper and start the printing process as you usually would.

Once this phase is also completed, wait a few minutes for the ink to print correctly on the sheet. Armed with scissors, cut out the CD/DVD’s shape, taking care to respect its edges. It would be best if you tried to be as precise as possible since a surface of too large paper could then adversely affect the CD/DVD’s performance, causing it to block inside the player.

How to Use the CD/DVD Templates?

 If you have downloaded the template, it should be in DOC format. Open the file, and you will see that the template is ready to use in Word. The only problem is that you may receive a message from Word saying that the document has been opened in “Protected View.” Since the template was downloaded from the Internet, Microsoft Word does not trust it, and you have to click the “Enable Editing” button to edit the file.

Now that you can edit the file, you can start typing text, adding images, and customizing the label.


Benefits of CD/DVD Label Templates

To make CD/DVD labels, you do not have to buy any expensive software or learn graphic design. You can download and print our ready-to-use templates to quickly and efficiently make the CV/DVD labels. The great thing is that CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs all have the same diameter, and therefore, a label can fit all. So, you do not have to worry about the sizes.

DVD Label Templates

Following are some of the best label templates:

Wedding DVD Labels

A wedding is the most important moment of life. Everyone wants to capture this moment in the form of photos and videos but keep these memories safe. It is necessary to have an identifiable label on the wedding label. As the name suggests, a wedding DVD label is used to mark the photos and videos of a wedding so that you could always cherish the beautiful memories.

Free Wedding DVD Labels

Free Editable DVD Labels

    Baby Shower DVD Labels

    The baby shower is a meeting to honor the future mom and share the last preparations to welcome the new family member with friends and family. The baby shower label template is used to mark and label the baby shower DVD, which contains the event’s pictures and videos.

    Free Baby Shower DVD Labels

    Editable Free Baby Shower DVD Labels

    Baby Shower DVD Labels Samples

    Printable Baby Shower Labels

      Birthday DVD Labels

      Everyone wants to preserve the memories of their birthdays, to avoid the birthday DVD from getting lost among other DVDs, the best thing to do is to label the DVD and birthday DVD labels template come handy there.

      Free Birthday DVD Labels

      Free Editable Birthday DVD Labels

        Corporate Format DVD Labels

        Corporate or business format labels are used to mark and label the videos of corporate events such as team meetings, project meetings, and board meetings. Corporate DVDs often contain confidential information, so it is best to mark them using corporate format DVD label templates.

        Corporate DVD Cover Free

        Corporate DVD Label Free Editable

        Corporate Business DVD Cover Free

        Free Printable Corporate DVD Labels

          Colorful DVD Labels

          As the name suggests, a colorful DVD label is different from other labels using several or different colors in its design. This kind of DVD template is best for labeling birthday DVDs.

          Free Colorful Labels

          Free Printable Colorful DVD Labels

            Vintage Wedding DVD Labels

            A vintage wedding DVD labels are somewhat similar to other wedding labels, but their design is of old-vintage DVD labels, so if you are one of those who like old designs, it is best for you.

            Vintage Wedding DVD Labels Free

            Editable Free Vintage Wedding Dvd Labels

              Christmas DVD Labels

              Christmas is something you wait for all the year, and the Christmas party is one of the essential components of the Christmas celebrations. To save the captured memories of the celebration, you can use the Christmas DVD template.

              Christmas Dvd Labels Free

              Free Downloadable Christmas DVD Labels

                DVD Case Template

                A DVD case template is similar in design to a label for a DVD but it is used to mark and label the DVD case rather than the DVD itself.

                Free Dvd Cases

                Free Printable DVD Covers

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