Color Charts

March 2017

Free Storyboard Templates Download

36+ Free Storyboard Templates for Basic, Visual and Digital Animation

Storyboards are used in order to help get a visual on a film, animation or video. The storyboard functions to take key points of a written script, and take those points and compose a series of drawings. These drawings are used to tell the story visually. They are also used to see how the characters and/or scene will appear using different camera angles. As a result, these boards serve as a visual aid, where directors and crew members can [...]

August 2016

CSS Color Charts To Choose Your Desired CSS Colors

CSS color chart is more than a reference. It is a resource that every designer should have. The CSS color chart can give you the exact hue or tint that you want from a basic color. For example, you want to do the lettering of your logo in pink. However, your general color chart only has hot pink and light pink. Neither pink is the correct pink. This is a job for a CSS color chart and not a general [...]

Urine Color Charts to Understand The Colors and Meanings

When an individual is are working in the medical profession, they want to have a simple and easy way of sharing with their patients just how their urine should look. It is vital for them to have a way of explaining how that is going to look when the patient is properly hydrated and how things will look when they need to get something to drink. It is vital for them to have a simple way of explaining all [...]

Hair Color Charts To Choose Best Shade For Your Hairs

When someone is going to be coloring their hair, it is important for them to understand the color options that are out there and for them to be able to pick out the color that is best suited to them and to how they would like to look. Those who are looking to color their hair need to have a good idea of the various color options that they have open to them, and they will be able to [...]

July 2016

Free Printable Color Wheel Chart

Color Wheel Chart – 5 Plus Printable Diagrams

When you are choosing multiple colors for a project that you are working on, you want to know how all of the colors work together. You would like to know which two colors are going to work out the best together for your design. It is important for you to go deep in regard to your knowledge of colors and for you to choose those colors that will work out well together. You will find that a Color Wheel [...]