Certificate Templates

July 2017

Appreciation Award Templates

Appreciation Award Templates – Printable & Downloadable

Everyone appreciates being acknowledged for a job well done. Whether it is for volunteering to help out the community or making a donation or completing a complex project, we all like to know that our time and resources are recognized by the company or association for our valuable time. Using one of our user friendly appreciation award templates that can be edited using Microsoft Word makes it easy for every team to recognize those people that have made a...

Completion Award Certificate Template Word

Certificate of Completion Templates

Certificate of completion usually given to candidates on completion of their course, work, project etc. It recognized their hard work and certify their completion of specific task. In some cases, this certificate works alike a degree from an institute or company. We have presented here a wide range of certificate of completion templates which are graphically designed in Microsoft Word and easily editable n printable. A final step in the completion of any job or task that is often overlooked...

Printable Honor Award Certificate Templates

Printable Honor Award Certificate Templates

A collection of honor award certificate templates is available to download for Microsoft Word. These awards are printable, editable and graphically designed to honor anyone’s efforts. Award of honor certificates are at times referred to as honorary degrees. This is because they are primarily synonymous in a number of ways. An honor award certificate is normally awarded by a higher learning institution to a deserving person by waiving the normal requirements for such a degree or certificate. These certificates are...

Award Certificates for Teachers

20+ Award Certificates for Teachers

We have presented a collection of award certificates for teachers to appreciate them for their hard work, achievement and performance through out the year. We all remember the teacher who had such a profound impact on us that to this day we still equate something that was important, or even unimportant but brilliantly enlightening, with that teacher. It may have been the discovery of a hidden talent, a sudden understanding of something that had been a gigantic puzzle or,...

June 2017

Printable and editable Best Performance Award Certificate Templates

35+ Best Performance Certificate Templates

Achievements and accomplishments are things that should be recognized by others especially in the employment sector by employers. It should serve as no surprise that studies have shown, when companies have appreciated employees via methods such as award certificates, motivation and work productivity has increased. This is a testimony to the fact that when human beings work hard, they value their efforts being regarded by others. A wonderful way to do this is by giving award certificates for their...

December 2016

more than 89 award certificate templates editable and printable

89+ Elegant Award Certificate Templates for Business and School Events

When an individual works hard to stand out from the crowd, to be the best they can be in a particular endeavor, they are usually given an award as a show of appreciation for their efforts and hard work. Awards equal positive recognition for an individual, group or organizations efforts in a particular field of accomplishment, such as education, arts or sports. This recognition is usually to showcase their achievements and performance, which have excelled beyond expectations, and has...

March 2016

Spa gift certificate designs (featured image)

50 Plus Spa Gift Certificate Designs for This Season

As someone who is working for a spa and looking to draw in customers, you are interested in creating gift certificates that individuals will be able to purchase and give out to their friends and their family members. You are interested in creating something that will draw in new clients. As someone who is running a spa, you need help in doing all of that in a professional and good way. You would like to create gift certificates that...

February 2016

Marriage Certificate Featured Image

10+ Beautiful Marriage Certificate Templates to Try This Season

When you commit your life to someone, everything changes. The way that you live becomes new and different when you and someone else become one. A marriage is an exciting thing, and you want to do all that you can to celebrate your marriage. You would like to do all that you can to make your marriage special. A Marriage Certificate Template can help with that. When you are looking to commemorate your marriage in a special way and...

Gift Certificate (Featured Image)

10 Gift Certificate Templates to Appear Professional

When you are running a business and trying to do things in the best way you are most likely always looking for something new to help you out. And when you are looking to give gift certificates, then you are going to want a good gift certificate template there to help you out. When you have this on hand any time that you need a gift certificate made, you will feel great. You will know that you won't have...

10+ Best Award Certificate Templates for 2016

When you use an award certificate template you will be telling those who are working for you just how much you value them. This template will help you to look professional as you hand it over to all of those who deserve it, and you will keep your staff motivated by handing out awards often. It is a great idea to have an award certificate template to go to every time that you need to hand out an award,...