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April 2018

Free Workout Log Sheets Printables

Printable Workout Log Sheets and Progress Tracker

Finding the right workout plan is one thing but having to stick with it is also another thing. To keep yourself motivated, you have to choose a workout program that won’t easily bore you. You should follow a workout plan that you like so you can be able to stick to it. If you are trying out exercises newly, it is best to take things slow so you don’t injure your body. The more time you put in for [...]

November 2017

Sympathy Letter Samples & Best Quotes to Show Your Condolences

Sympathy Letter Samples & Best Quotes

Okay, so we have all been in that situation where a loss has occurred, and you have gone back and forth with yourself whether or not to write a sympathy letter. Am I correct or not? It is very important to always remember the small gesture of writing a sympathy letter, note, or even sending a simple quote to the affected individual will make a difference. So Why a Letter and Not a Card from Down the Road? A sympathy letter is [...]

October 2017

Bookmark Templates - Free Printable for Microsoft Word

Bookmark Templates – Free Printable for Microsoft Word

You would think that bookmarks are silly. Especially in this time that we are living in. But a bookmark is more than just a placeholder in the novel you are reading or the script you are studying. It’s a beautiful reminder that life is beautiful, and can even encourage you to continue your studies or motivate you to keep reading.For yourself, a bookmark can be a very quick little idea that might make you feel nostalgic. Remember when you [...]

Printable Baseball Score Sheets

Baseball is fun! Of course, it is a game of personal motivation, strategy and team cooperation, and what’s more can you ask from it? Wait, there is actually one - how about a method to easily and clearly record scores of a baseball match? Well your wish is granted - here I will provide you will FREE PRINTABLE baseball score sheets. How to use it?  Recording scores using these score sheets is not as problematic as you think. Take a look [...]

July 2017

Checklist Templates – Free Printable for Word & Excel

Life is complicated and if you are not careful, you could accidentally forget to get a few important things done. This is where the checklist comes in. The better organized your life, means you will probably have time enough to complete all you need to. In order to assist you in this, individuals use checklist templates. This is a listing of things to do, doing them in a particular order and within a certain timeframe. This way, you are [...]

To Do List Templates

You would think, that in today's modern era and the technologies that come with it, we'd have more than enough time to get everything done. However, such is not always the case. When you have technological advancements that allow you to get some things done faster, you tend to add more to your plate. While we do enjoy accomplishing much, such a life can stress us out. That is why people use to-do lists to help in organizing their [...]

Appreciation Award Templates

Appreciation Award Templates – Printable & Downloadable

Everyone appreciates being acknowledged for a job well done. Whether it is for volunteering to help out the community or making a donation or completing a complex project, we all like to know that our time and resources are recognized by the company or association for our valuable time. Using one of our user friendly appreciation award templates that can be edited using Microsoft Word makes it easy for every team to recognize those people that have made a [...]

Food Diary Templates Free Download

Food Diary / Log / Journal Templates

A food diary is a useful tool in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Food diaries are also known as food logs or journals. Many people who have illnesses such as diabetes are often required to keep a food journal by their doctors. The log is a simple, matter of fact method to keep track of your food and drink intake. No matter what the reason for keeping a food log, the process is made easier by using food log templates, [...]

Completion Award Certificate Template Word

Certificate of Completion Templates

Certificate of completion usually given to candidates on completion of their course, work, project etc. It recognized their hard work and certify their completion of specific task. In some cases, this certificate works alike a degree from an institute or company. We have presented here a wide range of certificate of completion templates which are graphically designed in Microsoft Word and easily editable n printable.A final step in the completion of any job or task that is often overlooked [...]

Printable Honor Award Certificate Templates

Printable Honor Award Certificate Templates

A collection of honor award certificate templates is available to download for Microsoft Word. These awards are printable, editable and graphically designed to honor anyone’s efforts. Award of honor certificates are at times referred to as honorary degrees. This is because they are primarily synonymous in a number of ways. An honor award certificate is normally awarded by a higher learning institution to a deserving person by waiving the normal requirements for such a degree or certificate.These certificates are [...]